Buggy-friendly parkrun Limerick – Newcastlewest


Tried and tested by Jess @the_buggy_runners_diary (IG)

Buggy friendly rating: 9.5/10

Scenery: 8/10


This is a really nice run! It’s three loops – with the first being slightly longer than the last two – all on tarmac paths. It’s through shaded woodland and has a slight hill at the end of each loop. Numbers are small so although the path is narrow, passing generally isn’t a problem.

Facilities cafes and playgrounds: 

There is a car park at the start but no toilets unfortunately. The nearest ones are at Aldi which is only a 5 min walk away. There is a big playground just at the entrance of The Demense so only a short walk from the parkrun with parking opposite as well, however there are more areas of The Demense worth exploring on bikes/scooter for the kids too. We didn’t get the chance to eat in Newcastle West but I have been told that Marguerite’s Bakery Cafe in the main town square is lovely with plenty of choice and plenty of seating.


A really enjoyable run! Although it’s a three lap course, it doesn’t feel it.

Buggy-friendly parkrun Cork – Clonakilty

Clonakilty parkrun

Tried and tested by Jess @the_buggy_runners_diary (IG)

Buggy Friendly rating: 9/10

Scenery: 5/10


Clonakilty parkrun is four laps around The Showgrounds on hardcore paving surfaced with rolled gravel. It is suitable for most buggies and although the path isn’t very wide (3m) it isn’t a busy parkrun at all so there is plenty of opportunity to overtake if need be. There is a slight hill at the beginning of the loop which will obviously need to be run 4 times. There is parking just outside the grounds and a toilet onsite too.

Facilities, cafes and playgrounds:

There is a playground located just a two minute drive from the parkrun where there is more parking. We ate at the Fig & Olive Cafe near the Supervalu which I can highly recommend especially when it is warm enough to eat outside as there is a playhouse filled with toys to keep the kids occupied. They also have a few toys around where the cutlery is for the kids to play with so don’t miss those. If you do go to Clonakilty for whatever reason do try to get to the main Supervalu. It is fantastic as far as supermarkets go!

The model railway is a good place to take the little ones for a few hours too – they have a train that takes a tour around the town and the town centre is within walking distance, though you might not be up to it after the parkrun!


If you’re looking for a PB this could be a good course for you – it is relatively flat and with it being four loops you can pace yourself well. There isn’t much to offer in terms of scenery, however Clonakilty is a lovely town to spend the day!

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Buggy-friendly parkrun Longford – Longford Town

Longford parkrun

Tried and tested by Louise @lou22kenny (IG)

On Saturdays we do our local parkrun in Longford. It’s in the Mall park just outside the town. It is a lopped run – ‘2 big loops & 2 small loops’ to total 5km. It’s a gravel surface so you get an extra workout!
 I started walking with my 2 girls & now we have built it up to a jog! They have the nicest, friendliest volunteers & have a tail walker every week so no-one ever gets left behind. No matter how slow or fast you go everyone is made feel so welcome.

Whether you are on your own, have a group, a buggy or a dog! We really enjoy it & count ourselves lucky to have a parkrun in our town!


Buggy-friendly parkrun Kerry – Inch Beach

Inch Beach

Tried and tested by Jess @the_buggy_runners_diary (IG)

Buggy Friendly rating: 9.5

Scenery: 9.5


This course is pretty unique in that it is all run on hard sand along a beautiful beach with so much space. With there being ample room it was one of the only parkruns I’ve been able to do to date where it has been possible to start at the very front, along with everyone else! It’s an out and back route and although it is all on sand, it is very hard so easy enough to run with a buggy.

The scenery is stunning too with the sea views and the stunning Kerry mountains in most directions.

Facilities, cafes and playgrounds:

There is parking right on the beach next to the start of the parkun – it’s free and easily accessible. If you don’t want to park on the beach there is another carpark just a two minute walk away where the toilets are located. The cafe on the beach front is called Sammy’s and they have great coffee and delicious cakes – a nice way to warm up if you’ve braved the post parkrun sea swim!

There are no playgrounds nearby that we saw but who needs a playground when you have the beach anyway..

We took the short drive to Dingle and spent the rest of the day there where we took a boat trip out to see Fungi the resident dolphin. If you can get to Dingle, do – it’s a lovely town!


An absolute must do! Great run, stunning views and good coffee. Don’t forget your swimsuit!!

Buggy-friendly parkrun Dublin – Ardgillan


Tried and tested by Aoife @familywalksire (IG & Twitter)

Buggy Friendly rating: 5/10

Scenery: 9/10


This was my first ever parkrun which I completed in January 2016. Ardgillan parkrun starts behind the castle (beside the toilets). The run takes you through mainly forest trail (which requires a sturdy buggy) but also some very stoney/bumpy paths which I didn’t feel were very buggy-friendly but I certainly got a great workout! The kiddies seem to enjoy it at the time too!

The final stretch takes you up a steep hill (which feels like Mount Everest when pushing a double buggy). Needless to say the encouragement from the wonderful volunteers and fellow runners is so uplifting especially just when you need it. Even though I completed this course a few years ago I’ll never forget the feeling of finishing it and experiencing all the positivity and community spirit that surrounds Parkrun events.

Facilities, cafes and playgrounds:

There’s a cafe in the castle, an amazing playground, a fairy trail and walled gardens on the grounds also. Needless to say Argillan is such a beautiful place to explore with stunning views over Skerries and Balbriggan.


Such an uplifting experience. Not sure I’d recommend it for buggies(depending on how sturdy your buggy is of course). Perhaps best to walk this one with a buggy but would love to hear from anyone else who’s done it with a buggy, especially more recently than me.

Buggy-friendly parkrun Waterford – Tramore

TRAMORE parkrun

Tried and tested by Jess @the_buggy_runners_diary (IG)

Buggy Friendly rating: 5/10

Scenery: 7.5/10


Tramore parkrun starts at The Promenade in front of Molly’s cafe. The first and last bit of the course is run on the promenade, which although is very flat and the surface is paved there are a few turns between bollards and a small kerb which can slow you down and possibly others behind you. The route then takes you through a carpark which you will also run around towards the end of the run. The route then goes up a short hill for two loops of a raised plateau with great views across the ocean and the town. It’s on trails but they’re hard-packed and it is quite buggy friendly and fairly flat. Back down the hill and round the carpark which is not that buggy friendly as it is filled with stones and potholes and really needs an all-terrain buggy to run it, however it would be possible to walk it with a standard buggy so don’t let this put you off (a parkrun volunteer did let me know that they are resurfacing this carpark so it should be more buggy friendly in the near future.) 500m is along the promenade to the finish line.

Facilities, cafes and playgrounds:

There are quite a few cafes along the promenade and many places to eat in the main town just a short walk from the parkrun. The coffee in Molly’s is very good! Toilets and ample parking is opposite the start but you will need to pay for parking – we were there in Sept and the daily rate was just €2.

There is A LOT to do for the kiddos of all ages, all just a short walk away. Besides the beach itself, there is a fab adventure playground, amusement arcades, a fairground (summer only), pedal boats, mini golf (summer only), water rapid slide (summer only) biking and scooting along the promenade. You won’t run out of things to do!


A great day out for all the family! We saw quite a few park runners jump in the sea for a cool down after the run and I was told that a few brave people do this all year round so something to consider if you’re brave enough!

Buggy-friendly parkrun Dublin – Tymon Park

Tymon parkrun

Tried and tested by Candi @c_oreilly (Twitter)

Buggy Friendly rating: 9/10

Scenery: 6/10

thumbnail_me and B corner tymon 3.8.19 playground


Tymon parkrun starts next to the car park on Limekiln Road in Dublin 12, about 5 minutes drive from the M50. It is a smallish, friendly and inclusive parkrun with numbers usually around 150 – 250 people of all ability levels.

Tymon is an inclusive parkrun and as well as small children in buggies, it welcomes bigger children and adults who need to be pushed around in jogging buggies and there are two available for families to try out on request.

Buggies can start where they see fit and as the field usually thins pretty quickly there are no issues during the two lap course which winds around the park on a tarmac path.

Facilities, cafes and playgrounds:

There are several large toilets by the car park and refreshments are  provided afterwards by the volunteer team. And sometimes cake too!

For the kids, there is a playground (which you will pass on the run).


This is a lovely run that is inclusive and welcoming and there is always help for anyone who needs it.


Buggy-friendly parkrun Cork – Ballincollig

Ballincollig parkrun

Tried and tested by Jess @the_buggy_runners_diary (IG)

Buggy Friendly rating: 9/10

Scenery: 7/10


Ballincollig parkrun starts at the the regional park car park – the one with the toilet. There are a few entrances to the park so it’s important to make sure you get the right one. It is a busy parkrun with numbers usually around 300 – 400 and it has quite a narrow start. This can make running with a buggy a little difficult as there is often no room to pass for the first few hundred metres and buggies are asked to start at the back. Continue reading