Aoife, originally from Dublin but since starting this project have also lived in Meath and most recently moved to Galway. A mama of two toddlers passionate about the outdoors, being active as a family and doing my best to keep mentally and physically fit.



Walking has always been a huge part of our life so when our first child was born three years ago we wanted to share this love with her. I also wanted to continue to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise on my physical, mental and emotional health. However the outdoors is a different place when walking with a buggy, so we soon realised that many of our favourite spots were inaccessible. When searching online for information on walks suitable for small wheels we learned that no such data exists.

Enter BuggyWalks Ireland!


I created this database to document accessible buggy walks around Ireland as we discovered them providing descriptions of facilities and sights/landmarks etc. All of this is with a view to sharing them and encourage others to get out and get active together. The long term goal is to create an interactive website. Who knows maybe someday an app?!

To date…

So far we have visited 17 counties and documented over 70 walks and have received some great walks from other fellow walkers too. Through day trips and holidays we hope to record walks in each county in Ireland (so we’re half way there).

Assistance needed…

As you can imagine this is a mammoth task to pursue so I am asking/begging for your help! Get involved by sharing buggy-friendly and accessible walks in your area, or  document them yourself so I can then re-post and build this database.


Follow our journey/contact us on Facebook and Twitter & Instagram @buggywalksire.

Happy walking x

 Where to next!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love it, love it, love it!! Great information, great photos & will look forward to trying out the walks/cycles with the little ones Well done xxx


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