Buggy-friendly walks Meath – Dalgan Park




The Irish Missionary Union, Dalgan Park just 3 miles south of Navan, Co. Meath is home to this relaxing and spiritual walk. Read more details on the walk itself here. A number of paths lead out from the car park so we chose to follow our noses. We also had mixed opinions from other walkers regarding suitability for a buggy in some areas. However for the purpose of our research, on we pushed.

We were pleasantly surprised by the variety of paths here; gravel, tarmac and woodland all of which were buggy friendly. However we were faced with two challenges. The first was a small number of steps entering the river walk stage, but as there were two of us we managed fine. The second was due to the fact that Dalgan Park is a working farm also. As a result one part of the path is quite narrow and sandwiched between electric wire and a stream. Needless to say a lot of caution needs to be taken here with toddlers. That said, once you pass this section the woods are a real treat to explore.

There are no facilities here though we did see signposts for toilets in the main building. We brought a picnic but the amenity is more promoted as an area for walking only. Dogs are not permitted on the grounds as it is deemed a wildlife sanctuary also. You have the option to make your walk as long or as short as you see fit. Be sure to study your route on the map beforehand as there are no signs to guide you as you go.

Go forth and explore more walks in Meath. You can read about them here.


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